Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Memento Blog

Memento was a very interesting film. One of the things it talked about was the nature of memory. Obviously memory was a huge part of the film because of Leonard's condition of short term memory loss, but it was a more important part of the film than that. It is said in the film that memories are easily distorted, and manipulated. They aren't records, but impressions. It seems as if Leonard is able to distort, or block some of his own memories. He was able to block out that he really accidentally killed his wife, and that she really had diabetes, because of the guilt he had. In order to do so he distorted his real memory of giving his wife an injection so that he remembered pinching her in the thigh instead. I think he really can't remember most things, but with some things he just pushes them aside. In the end he decided to manipulate himself into thinking that Teddy was the one who killed his wife, just so he would have someone to chase. Just like Teddy said he is lying to himself to keep himself happy. Just like that he has built up his own reality, and nobody else can be let in. This is not really related to the blog at all, but I just thought I would put it out there that Memento was one of my favorite movies that we watched so far.

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