Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Groundhog Day Blog

Something I noticed in the movie Groundhog Day that differs from other comedies was the character of Rita. She differs greatly from other comedy heroins. She was way more complex, and I think that added quite a bit to the film. One way she differed was that she was smart. She actually used her head, and didn't go running around like a bimbo like Susan from Bringing up Baby. Rita was focused on the job at hand throughout most of the movie. Her main goal seemed to be getting the broadcast done and to enjoy some of the festivities of the festival. At first she had absolutely no interest in Phil romantically, but in the end he won her over. A lot of times in other romantic comedies it is the woman that is chasing the man. She also was calm most of the time. In many other romantic comedies the girl is loud, bubbly, and somewhat annoying. I think that the fact that Rita was a more developed character made the movie that much more interesting to watch. Her calmness also made a bigger contrast to everyone else's hyper up beat attitudes.

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Meaghan said...

I really like seeing movies were women play a big role in them.