Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Bringing Home Baby" Journal

One of the main comedic methods of the film Bringing Home Baby was physical comedy. Throughout the whole film people were constantly getting hurt. It seems as if Susan's character was falling or causing other people to fall down in almost every shot. She tripped over the phone cord while talking to David, and then a little bit later as David was scrambling to get out of the door he did the same thing. Probably the biggest example is in the end of the movie when she knocked down the brontosaurus skeleton that it took David months to build. Slap-stick was used as a main source of hilarity. The other sources of humor were situational humor, and verbal humor. Susan got David into many predicaments. She made him totally embarrass himself in front of the potential money doner of the museum. She did this in many ways, but I thought the funniest was when he thought David hit him in the head with a rock. The verbal humor was more subtle, but it was none the less there. It was definitely notable when David and Susan's Aunt's friend were having a conversation about game hunting, which is a subject David knew nothing about. Comedy is one of the biggest aspects of this film. It makes sense since this is a romantic comedy. One of the goals of this movie was to make people laugh, and the film really did succeed.

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Mike M said...

I think that the physical comedy was the main source because it happened most frequent--ok, constantly. Whether it was stealing cars, breaking priceless skeletons, or just plain falling over, physical comedy was everywhere. Good job Julie. However, the film was called Bringing UP Baby, and the skeleton took David years too build. Other than that, you nailed it on the head.