Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Battle of Algiers Blog

The Article I read was interesting. It pretty much said that the movie The Battle of Algiers is thought to be helpful in solving the war in Iraq. It talked about how a screening of the film was held at the Pentagon, to figure out how to get information. This shows that the battle of Algiers, and the war in Iraq are very similar. The article talked about how terrorist tactics were used back then, and how they are used now. I agree that the two wars are very similar. Both of them had the use of terrorist tactics, and the use of torture to get information. In the film The Battle of Algiers torture was used to get information and slightly covered up. Previously concerning the war in Iraq torture was used, and attempted to be covered up. It seems that now America is getting desperate for other ways to get information, so that we are looking at a movie made a long time ago for answers. Personally I think that the film depicted the ugliness of war, and how not to handle situations, rather than a film to be looked upon for advice of how to handle the war at hand.

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