Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Let Me Let Go" Critique

2. The song I picked was "Let Me Let Go" by Faith Hill. I picked this song because I really like it, and I find that it relates to me. The song is about someone who can't get over their ex lover. This relates to me because I have the same perdicament. I noticed that I tend to like songs that I can relate to. I find that listening to songs such as this helps me express my emotions in a less obvious way.

3.The title of the song fits perfectly. The title of the song was picked because the phrase let me let go is used many times througout the song's chorus.

4.Imagery is somewhat used in the begining of the song in the second stanza. She mentions touch and sound. Metaphor is also used in this part "I've been two thousand miles Down a dead-end road" She hasn't really been down a road, but that is describing how she feels. Hyperbole is also used because she uses exaggerations throughout the whole song to describe her situation.

5.The tone is sad and longing. The tone is set up by somewhat exaggerating her situation. It is also enhanced by the melody, and her singing the song slowly.

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