Wednesday, February 27, 2008

new post written late on 02/27/08

Writing a play was very interesting. I feel that the story would have been better if I wasn't limited to settings that only can be done on stage. I also would have found it easier to write it like a short story. It wasn't too hard to write though, because in art of film I had to write a movie script. It was also difficult to figure out how to start it. I would have to say that writing a play was a unique experience.

If I were to give a ten year old boy advice about living in today's world I would say to work hard. If you prepare early you won't get behind. It is also helpful to be self confident, and to follow your dreams. I would say that nothing in this world worth having comes easy, so don't be afraid to do the work. I say this because I wish I would have prepared for things earlier, even though things have still worked out. I would also say to not care about the mean things that people could say, because that has really helped me growing up.

I have no idea what makes them last forever. Maybe it has something to do with many people finding them good works. That message has probably been passed down from generation to generation, thus preserving the title of those works as being amazing. They must be good in order to keep the interest of people for so long. I don't think I could see myself writing something that would last that long. Partly because I couldn't see myself having a writing career, which the authors of those works had. I also am not as skilled of a writer as those authors. I enjoy writing, but I am no where near as good.

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