Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fictional Characters

The first character I read about was Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony Hopkins. His character has played on our culture's facination with serial killers. Lecter is so facinating because he plays a cold blooded serial killer, and yet he has somewhat of a soft spot. His character also shows his vounerabilities. One of the main ways his character is obviously fictional is the fact that he does care somewhat about one person. He has a soft spot for Agt. Clarice Starling. If his character was a real serial killer he wouldn't even have a soft spot for her.

The second character I read about was Cookie Monster. He is facinating because he is a puppet that is obsessed with cookies. He is important because he is a funloving monster that even though he is obsessed with cookies he always finds a nice way to get them. Everybody loves him. When there were rumors about him being replaced with a veggie monster thousands of people signed a petition to stop it from happening. That is one loved monster if you ask me.

A character that holds interest to me is J.D. from Scrubs. He is important because he represents pretty much everybody. His character is so intreguing because he shows the flaws that everybody has in them as well. He is nerdy, silly, loveable, kind to others, and on the negative side he can be needy, sometimes greedy, and even a jerk. These are qualities that everybody possesses, and that makes him easy to relate to. Even when he is being a jerk he eventually finds a way to make it right. Because of this he is a good representation of our society.

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